A new PC..

Not for me though. I bought it on behalf of a neighbour who struggles to get out. The old PC, a homebuilt based around an Asus M2NE-SLI, was gradually fading away, first the NIC and then sound. Both were replaced by PCI cards. The disk controllers were the last to go and the final straw.

Time for a new PC. I picked out the Lenovo H520s, a budget model but solidly built and a reasonable performer. The small form factor and quiet operation allows it to sit up on the desk. It is supplied with a fairly decent keyboard and mouse, both having a nice feel to them.lenovo-essential-h520s-full-set

It is a Windows 8 machine, of course, so I installed Startmenu8.. see here.. http://www.startmenu8.com/index.html

There is no way that my neighbour would have coped with the Tiles, having worked with XP for years. I didn’t even try to explain them. My neighbour is 85yrs old by the way,  and I wanted the easiest transition possible from old to new.

The computer is used for surfing, email, storage of recipes, ebook reading and the occasional movie, all of which look good on the existing Samsung 24” HDMI monitor.

I looked at an Acer (not a huge fan of the marque) and an HP which, despite the nice shiny front, looked like it had rolled off the Alcan food packaging production line before making the choice, and the Lenovo won.

My neighbour is extremely pleased with it, which is what counts most, and likes that fact that there is no more bending down to get at USB cables for the Kobo reader and mp3 player.

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