Goings on..

A new card reader:

The difference that a year makes, well actually six years. Today, I bit the bullet and bought a card reader for my desktop PC. I have been trying to make do with XP vintage card readers, and it wasn’t working out to well at all. My new card reader is an iCan 8 port model bought from Canada Computers for the princely sum of $12.99 + tax.

It can read :

  3. MMC Mobile/MMC Micro/mini SD
  4. MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo/M2/XD/TF

Best of all, it can read SIM cards which means that I can back up my phone and add numbers and addresses from my PC, something that the old and totally incompatible LG software will NOT allow.

The supplied drivers and software are courtesy of Realtek, and of course, it works with Windows 8.1..


Crashing while exiting from hibernation..

.. is a thing of the past for now. This is what I did:

  1. Disable ‘hibernate’.. In Command Prompt running as Admin,  type powercfg -h off  < Enter>
  2. Run Defrag
  3. Enable ‘hibernate’.. In Command Prompt running as Admin,  type powercfg -h on  <Enter>
  4. Reboot

Hey, it works, but don’t leave ‘hibernation disabled in Windows 8. You might save a little space BUT one of the key players in Windows 8 Fast boot is hiberfil.sys.


Desk work

Tomorrow, I am going to make up a filler section which will enlarge my desk enough to take a printer. The desk is a very solid commercial type that was not designed for computer use. The extension will be useful.

Also, I intend to fix up a keyboard tray that I rescued from a computer desk that used to Cha-Cha every time that my aging HP 5150 printer fired up. It will be a real exercise in frustration because I will have to work from underneath. There is no way that I will attempt to move everything and turn this mega desk over on to its back.

Construction finished, I will have a little more free real estate on my desk, something I badly need.. 

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