Total Defense – PC Tune-up 4.0

This is what you get with every new PC purchase at my local TigerDirect store. Let’s take a look.. Smile

First screen:


I am just a few clicks away from having a perfectly performing PC. I can’t wait so I will click on ‘Get Started’ now.


Oh-oh. A red window. It has found some dreaded errors that are taking minutes away from my life on a daily basis. Sad smile

Junk files, Internet issues, worse still vulnerability and fragmentation issues, and useless services? Is it any wonder that my life feels like it is hanging from a thread.

There are:

  1. 85mb of temp files
  2. 4 issues with my Internet connection settings
  3. Vulnerabilities,
  4. Fragmentation
  5. 4 start-ups

Should I be shocked? Horrified, even? Of course not. I have green button to press which will take all of my woes away.. Smile


Hey, this isn’t fixing anything ! PC Pitsop LLC want $40 to..

  1. Remove temp files which are still in use.
  2. Make small changes to my Internet connection settings which will most likely have an adverse effect on something else. Connection speed is governed by two things, the modem at the user end and the ‘choke’ at the ISP end.
  3. Update Adobe Shockwave and FileZilla.
  4. Defrag my disk using a different algorithm which will cause Windows defrag to spend unnecessary time fixing it.
  5. Remove start-ups that I need and or want anyway or I would not have let them be installed.

I don’t know about you, but I think that $40 is a lot to ask for the above, and the majority of changes will work against me and the system. Apart from registry ‘hacks’ to squeeze an extra 0.0001 second of speed from Rogers, there is nothing that can’t be done for FREE using Windows XP/Vista/7/8 utilities.

Maybe you can see why I did NOT pass this ‘suite of doom’ to the person on who’s behalf I bought a new computer. After I have finished this blog post, PC Tune-up will be HISTORY as far as this computer is concerned too, and I will DESTROY the disk to ensure that no hapless computer user installs it..

The one aspect of this suite is that it will cleanly uninstall, unlike the greater majority of ‘optimizers’ which demand cash before they will loosen their grip on your computer. However, you really should try to avoid optimizers of any kind because all they will do is turn you into a paranoiac computer user who is $40 less well off than before.

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