Websites.. mine in particular..

I know what HTML is, but I can’t compile it. I need serious help, and up until recently, it came from use of FrontPage 2003. It was the last of the breed of ‘easy to use’ Microsoft WYSIWYG HTML editors and has been discontinued. Attention was turned towards a more professional tool, and Expression Web appeared, made it to version 4 and as quickly disappeared. I am not ashamed to say that I did not get along with EW. It was way above me. There were a few problems with FrontPage. It was HTML as Microsoft wanted, which was not … Continue reading Websites.. mine in particular..

Recent errors over the last seven days..

It doesn’t get any better. The only critical errors I get now are induced by shutting down the system by turning the PC off vial the power supply switch. It happened last time because I was trying out an intransigent HD5450 video card which could output no video, not on this PC anyway. On others, it produced black and green vertical lines and a snowy background. Not good. Unfortunately, there has been one minor issue. The new USB 3.0 front panel which also contains the audio headers has been detecting a mic plug, except that I don’t have. I am … Continue reading Recent errors over the last seven days..

On your marks – ESET– gone..

Well, that didn’t last too long. Two days short of a month, my re-acquaintance with ESET NOD32 is over. Why? The default settings block way too much stuff. In automatic mode, you don’t get any popups re letting stuff through the firewall, only for updates. In Interactive mode, the popups never stop unless you search through settings to stop the worst of them. There were more than a few websites that it blocked and I could find no easy way to let them through Yes, all to do with the firewall which, in the case of ESET Endpoint Security, is … Continue reading On your marks – ESET– gone..

Follow-up to my post “MSE – a breach of trust… “

There has been a new statement released by Holly Stewart which back pedals somewhat from what she was originally quoted as saying. The new quote is: "Our goal is to provide great antimalware solutions for our consumer and business customers. I hope this blog demonstrates how committed we are in raising the bar for ourselves and others in the industry for doing so. We’re monitoring our results, performance, and progress closely, prioritizing for real threats that might affect our customers and applying lessons learned to make our products even better. Plus, we support antimalware partners in order to build a … Continue reading Follow-up to my post “MSE – a breach of trust… “

Two decades later..

The year is 1992 and the hard drive in your 386DX computer case may well have been a Western Digital Caviar 1170. That’s a whole 170mb less the space after formatting and what was taken up by Windows 3.1. It’s a pity that we had nothing to fill them. The photos below show a pair of 3.5” mechanical hard drives. The view is of the top cover, not the usual interior view of platters, magnets and heads which is why they look rather dull. The one on the left is the 170mb WD IDE drive, and the one on the … Continue reading Two decades later..

Windows 8 on a tablet..

.. that is, a device WITHOUT provision for a keyboard, is still the most frustrating experience I have ever had. I was walking around TigerDirect because it was raining outside, and I happened upon the tablet section. There were two Windows 8 tablets, one where I couldn’t find the power on button and an ASUS. So I powered it up and clicked on a tile, Excel. It looked like it was going to be a proper Windows 8 app, but I was taken to the desktop version. Bear in mind that I have Windows 8 and know how it works, … Continue reading Windows 8 on a tablet..

Errors in Event Viewer..

None in the last hour, but 11 criticals and 17 warnings in the last 24 hours has marred what otherwise could have been a perfect day. The criticals were all to do with a SanDisk Cruzer 4gb which morphed into a Cruzer 0gb. This set off Windows 8 into a world where no USB flash drive or card reader was any good, and it put up a warning for all of them. Let this be a reminder to any reader NOT to use devices like these as a sole backup for ANYTHING. If you rely on these devices for any … Continue reading Errors in Event Viewer..