Windows 8 on a tablet..

.. that is, a device WITHOUT provision for a keyboard, is still the most frustrating experience I have ever had.

I was walking around TigerDirect because it was raining outside, and I happened upon the tablet section. There were two Windows 8 tablets, one where I couldn’t find the power on button and an ASUS. So I powered it up and clicked on a tile, Excel. It looked like it was going to be a proper Windows 8 app, but I was taken to the desktop version.

Bear in mind that I have Windows 8 and know how it works, I had a terrible job getting out of it, and when finally I did, I was thrown into Picture Gallery from which there was no escape. I could not get the charms to appear and felt decidedly UNCHARMED by my few minutes with this dreadful excuse for a computer.

I don’t doubt for a second that Windows 8 is ok on a Surface 2 c/w keyboard. At least there is the option of ALT + F4 to get out of an app, but on this ‘half the price’ tablet, it was a nightmare. I don’t have a problem with the apps themselves. It is arriving and leaving that is so difficult.

Windows 8 tablets either need a physical HOME button or a task bar, just something that will help a newbie to Windows 8 feel like it could have some value. 

Somebody from Microsoft should get out on the street and ask questions of people looking at tablets, or maybe just watch from a distance, then go back to base and rattle some cages..

Using it on a desktop machine in desktop mode is a truly great experience. It is a pity that the use for which it was primarily designed is so bad.

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