Follow-up to my post “MSE – a breach of trust… “

There has been a new statement released by Holly Stewart which back pedals somewhat from what she was originally quoted as saying.

The new quote is:

"Our goal is to provide great antimalware solutions for our consumer and business customers. I hope this blog demonstrates how committed we are in raising the bar for ourselves and others in the industry for doing so. We’re monitoring our results, performance, and progress closely,
prioritizing for real threats that might affect our customers and applying lessons learned to make our products even better. Plus, we support antimalware partners in order to build a strong and diverse ecosystem to fight malware – the true adversary."

Holly Stewart, Senior Program Management Lead, MMPC

OK. I will readily admit that I had no issues when running MSE, and I staunchly backed it from day one, and continued to do so right up to the first ‘Holly’ quote. What I read did not sound good, and I questioned the ‘assumption’ that I first made about MSE. It was not based on any test I had ever read. I would be running Norton or Avast in that case. I dislike Symantec with a passion and consider that I have good reason, and the Avast front end is like an overly complex media player with constant reminders that there is a paid version. No thanks..

The only issue I ever had with MSE was where I might have to re-install because it wasn’t playing ball at any level.

The Holly quote #1 shook my assumption that MSE was the way to go, so I looked for something else that had a small footprint, virtually no user intervention, and that didn’t have daily ‘buy me’ popups.

Bitdefender won, but long term, I have no idea how it will perform. Other than installing it, there is no user intervention at all, and all I can do is hope that it does the job claimed by the software author. If it proves not to be good, I will install MSE again on client computers, but I do wish that my  MSE clients would have responded to the different colours displayed. I always set it to show in the notification area, and in almost all instances, a revisit to a client site saw it glowing orange or red.

Now it is time for me to backtrack somewhat.

“I can only take the Holly quote #2 at face value, which is a little different in that it is something of a partial retraction of the original quote. When I initially put my faith in MSE back in 2009, it was NOT on the basis of any retraction. Microsoft set out to do the best that they could and I believed them. There was nothing to doubt.

The home user should use what they feel instils the most confidence. In the meantime, I will continue to promote Bitdefender to those clients who I know are blissfully unaware of anything that happens in the notification area.  I will add MSE back to the list if I find that Bitdefender fails in its duties”.

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