On your marks – ESET– gone..

Well, that didn’t last too long. Two days short of a month, my re-acquaintance with ESET NOD32 is over. Why?

  1. The default settings block way too much stuff.
  2. In automatic mode, you don’t get any popups re letting stuff through the firewall, only for updates.
  3. In Interactive mode, the popups never stop unless you search through settings to stop the worst of them.
  4. There were more than a few websites that it blocked and I could find no easy way to let them through

Yes, all to do with the firewall which, in the case of ESET Endpoint Security, is not an option. You have to install it.

OK, so I was slowly getting through the issues and sorting them out until I was invited to join a Yammer group. It was all just too much, and I didn’t consider that I was better protected than when Windows Defender was running.

The big suites offer a lot but do we need it all. Even with big guns installed, malware can and does still gets through. I have seen Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, Avira, Avast and Panda suites all come in for criticism and getting in the way of smooth running.. I have considerably more technical ability than many, but the one thing I do have in common with others is that I want ‘simple, easy and effective’.

I don’t put ESET in the same pigeon hole as the others above, I think that it is a better product all around, but it is frustrating and it had to go. Sorry guys.. Sad smile

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