Recent errors over the last seven days..

It doesn’t get any better. The only critical errors I get now are induced by shutting down the system by turning the PC off vial the power supply switch. It happened last time because I was trying out an intransigent HD5450 video card which could output no video, not on this PC anyway. On others, it produced black and green vertical lines and a snowy background. Not good.

Unfortunately, there has been one minor issue. The new USB 3.0 front panel which also contains the audio headers has been detecting a mic plug, except that I don’t have. I am still using an Microsoft LX3000 USB headset. Coolermaster make great cases but really do need to look at front panel design and quality control.

YouTube appeared t take a hit in IE11. I spend a lot of time there, amassing videos which have historical interest. Three days ago, I experienced a problem where it was ok when first started, but subsequently froze. I could only get to videos if I was fast enough to select at least one, but because Windows 8 runs IE11 or no IE at all, I set up Firefox which did not seem to be affected.

My grand-daughter spends a lot of time in IE, watching all kinds of kiddie videos, so I wound back IE11 to 10 for her, but will wind it back to IE11 now the issues have stopped. My IE11 is back to normal too, but I will leave Firefox on in case it happens again.

Client issues..

I took in an ex-lease HP workstation, maybe six or seven years old, which had lost the ability to provide video output to both DVI ports. Port 2 was fine but port 1 was a goner, and it seemed to be a easy case to solve by replacing the video card. Two Gigabyte HD5450’s later, and the PC is still running on one half of the original nVidia Quadro. I am now suspecting a problem with the PCIe ports and have advised the client to replace the machine. I flatly refuse to see any more video cards die on this machine.

It was bought from a ‘factory outlet’ type store, not exactly a specialist in any field, and was and is what one might call a ‘beater’ in the auto world. The client thought that it was a bargain as it was installed with Windows 7, but it was an upgrade over a very poor excuse for a Vista machine. There were a lot of them around as manufacturers refused to rise to Vista in the months before and after the OS was released.

There are no bargains to be had. If it was cheap to buy, that is what it is.. CHEAP. I have suggested that the client buys something better as in newer and have pointed him in the direction that I think he should go.

My Windows 8/8.1..

Windows 8.1, despite rumours to the contrary, is rolling along better than Windows 7 did, and I prefer the hard edges of Windows 8 to the aero-trimmed Windows 7. Do NOT believe the ‘naysayers’. If you have to buy a new machine and it has Windows 8 installed on it, there is software around, almost all of it free, that will give you the same experience that Windows 7 gives.

Bitdefender Free edition..

It has come to my attention that Bitdefender’s update service is quite heavy on resources when it is running, The updater is called ‘Gonzalez Updater’ if you look in Task Manager’s processes, but once done, it settles down to give you unobtrusive anti-virus cover. Don’t panic..


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