Websites.. mine in particular..

I know what HTML is, but I can’t compile it. I need serious help, and up until recently, it came from use of FrontPage 2003. It was the last of the breed of ‘easy to use’ Microsoft WYSIWYG HTML editors and has been discontinued. Attention was turned towards a more professional tool, and Expression Web appeared, made it to version 4 and as quickly disappeared. I am not ashamed to say that I did not get along with EW. It was way above me.

There were a few problems with FrontPage.

  1. It was HTML as Microsoft wanted, which was not a universal approach as seen by others.
  2. The templates dated back to the earliest incarnation in 1996 and websites always had a dated look about them..
  3. To make the most of all of the features, the host server had to be ‘FrontPage Server Extensions’ compatible.
  4. It was killing features in Outlook 2010 which I used daily

So, two years ago, after being made aware that MVPS was dropping FPSE support, I had to do a rework of my website. This in turn made me look for another website creator, and at the time, I came across Ewisoft Website Builder. I held off until the recent issues affecting Outlook 2010, and finally gave in.

Ewisoft will not import FrontPage material, which is probably not a bad thing. The best way to transfer the content was to paste pages into MS Word, convert the text to Verdana 10pt, and then past into a new Ewisoft page,. making changes to the formatting along the way.

This lead to me rewriting some of the content, bringing it up to date, removing some bits, moving others around, all of which took longer than originally envisaged.. Now it is done, and I am ready to publish..

Most of it, all of the text at least has published, but some of the images are giving grief. It looks like I will be contacting Ewisoft support very soon, like Monday..

Sad smile

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