Windows 8.. Where Microsoft went wrong – in my opinion..

The apps should have had a ‘minimize’ and ‘close’ function and in the same place that Windows applications have always had them, in the top right corner. There should have been a task bar which contained a ‘shutdown’ button with the familiar options to sleep, hibernate, restart etc. The task bar could have also contained any app which had been minimized just as Windows 7 does, such that the user could easily switch between apps and utilities. As it stands now, users are left wondering how to get out of apps, because it is not obvious in the present format. … Continue reading Windows 8.. Where Microsoft went wrong – in my opinion..

Another Registry cleaner?

And just in time for the holiday season. The subject: PC Matic.. Author: PC Pitstop LLC (the same company which offers PC Tune-up 4.0 through major PC stores) Availability: On line from the PC Matic website or “As Seen On TV’ and ‘Showtime’ stores (neither store is generally associated with computers) What does it do?: It makes your PC faster and lots more besides. You can only click on this next link if you promise NOT to start the FREE download.. Please do not buy this product, not for yourself, not for family and friends, and not even for … Continue reading Another Registry cleaner?


Windows: When Microsoft decided to go ‘Metro’, it shocked a lot of people. The Start screen was full of tiles and that was about it. A user would click on a tile and the screen would fill up with whatever content the tile had to offer. ‘Wow, it looks good’, but when it came to shutting down the ‘app’ and looking at something else, there was no obvious way to do it and NO instructions. Windows 8.1 is no great improvement, essentially the same view but with a small arrow pointing down which takes the user to a mass of … Continue reading Changes..