Where to start..

It’s 2014 and still NOT a good idea to:

  1. Never backup anything. If your data is important, treat it as important…
  2. Run a registry cleaner, and no, it doesn’t make anything any faster..
  3. Leave a laptop running on soft furnishings. The grilles on the base are to let air in, not gain better traction on the arm of a couch.. .

It’s 2014 and Microsoft is NOT about to:

  1. Make Windows 8 go away. It is an OK operating system..
  2. Give XP yet another reprieve. It’s old and needs to lay down..
  3. Produce hardware drivers. It is not in the job description..

It’s 2014, the year of :

  1. Wearable what’s-it’s..
  2. Cloud bursts..
  3. Half useful tablets

It’s 2014 and progress is not going to wait for you to catch up. At the same time, you should watch that progress doesn’t run away with you.

If you get a call from somebody claiming to work for Windows, tell the caller that you want Georgian Bay windows and will scream until you are sick if you don’t get them. Give no other information to the caller..He/she will terminate the call for sure..


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