The last seven days – still no easier overall..

  • Five Windows 7 machines all updated and no problems encountered..
  • One Windows 8.1 machine updated and no problems encountered.
  • My Windows 8.1 machine did suffer one critical error when the power failed in the building. It happens and was not the fault of the system.
  • General advice given to somebody putting together a PowerPoint presentation for the very first time worked well..

The above events were the high spots of the week.

  • Trying to explain that one has to be able to walk before attempting to sprint
  • Explaining that no version of Windows has ever been able to extract YouTube videos natively..
  • Being told that messages pertaining to Windows 8 and ReadyBoost were my ‘opinions’.. LOL
  • Doing all of the above while feeling  like dirt from a cold which will not go away

The above events were the low spots of the week.

It was a week not unlike many others apart from not feeling too well. Hopefully I will be running on all cores very soon..


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