Changes need to come FAST..

A client of mine has recently bought a Windows 8 laptop, but she may not have it for too much longer. She likes the laptop and she likes Windows 8 set up to work like the Windows 7 that she had before. Everything was going well and then it happened.

The Windows 8 tiles showed themselves. She wanted to get into her Rogers Yahoo mail, saw the mail tile and clicked on it. She was presented with a ‘You need a Microsoft account’, but she doesn’t have one. Her mail is ROGERS YAHOO, not Microsoft.

She called her daughter to tell her that she couldn’t send the email because she was being asked for info that she didn’t understand. So her daughter started to talk her into getting an iPad because everybody knows that an iPad is better than Windows 8, don’t they.. It’s a popular enough concept, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you need to get out of your cave more.

My client left her laptop running all night because she didn’t know what to do next.

I had been telling her to go for a faster Internet connection and told her what to do to get it. So she took her modem to the local Rogers store, and they told her that it was not worth doing because her usage was so low.

WHAT THE ………!!!!!

Her usage is low because her current Internet speed hardly allows for getting a photo in email on the same day that it is sent. Watching videos is like passing still shots of a new baby around a group of young mothers.

She also gets her Rogers mail via the web interface, which is fine except for the fact that Yahoo made changes to the web client that infuriated thousands of users. Rogers telephone support was inundated with unhappy users (Rogers mail is contacted to Yahoo), and Yahoo users everywhere where decidedly not happy..


  1. The default OS interface is confusing,
  2. the ISP, Rogers in this case but they are all the same, needs shooting, and
  3. Yahoo should leave the Internet mail business NOW.

I haven’t finished yet. There is another..

TigerDirect sold a refurbished HP desktop to a local client of mine, and it was given to me to set up.

When I started the machine, I was presented with somebody else’s logon ID, no doubt belonging to the previous owner. Had the new owner taken it home to set up, the sales person at TigerDirect would still be having computer parts surgically removed from his throat.

There was no ‘easy to read’ documentation making reference to the need to use the ‘back to factory’ procedure, just a silly cheap booklet on how to work the tile tile interface.


That just about covers the entire industry, doesn’t it.

Lets have a quick re-cap..

Incompetent computer vendors.. TigerDirect is NOT alone..

A Windows operating system which leaves new users speechless and unable to continue because they don’t have a MICROSOFT account

Internet service providers who see their customers as idiots

A global mail provider which has been in the business long enough to know better

Is it any wonder that the industry is in turmoil? Are we likely to see changes anytime soon? NO..

Microsoft is looking at 2015. A few of the computer vendors shouldn’t be selling technology beyond the lead pencil, ISP’s have always considered that they are doing us the BIG favour, and because of the confusion with web mail and email clients, many users are not sure who is providing them with email.

Sad smile

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