Learning how to search..

You would think that everybody would find this easy but it isn’t.

I met up with somebody the day before yesterday who told me how bad Windows 8 was. His mother had bought a new Windows 8 computer, and he had a few minutes on it, setting up and sorting.. So, with Windows 8.1 up and running, he searched for a hack which would get back the Start menu. Needless to say, there are no hacks.

I suggested that he should change the search criteria, and try this line..

Windows 8 start

In a Bing search, this is what comes up..


What was that? Why should you have to install a 3rd party start menu? How about for the same reason that you installed a 3rd party anti-virus, media player and photo editor?

Since when has a Windows user not had multiple choices?

So, with this new knowledge, you can set up a start menu after which you will not have to moan about having a phone OS on your PC, yes?

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