System Restore did exactly what it said on the box..

Unfortunately, the only restore point had been created after Windows 8.1 initially set up for the first time.

I had video driver issues after updating to the latest HD6450 driver set and needed to do a system restore because roiling the drivers back hadn’t worked. The result was the equivalent of a Windows 8 refresh which = absolute chaos.

So it was another late night spent re-installing everything, and this morning spent altering a few settings.. definitely nothing like fun. I also have a new policy in place which revolves around creating restore points every time that I make a change.

Anyway, an inability to hibernate because of crappy video drivers wasn’t the cause. The culprit was a setting for the network card, the one which wakes the machine if it detects the Internet. Just like the System Restore point, the setting worked brilliantly well, too well. No sooner had the machine gone into hibernation, it was back up and running because broadband Internet NEVER stops unless the ISP craps out.

The mess has been cleared up, the network card is no longer hyper-active, I can put the machine into hibernate to prevent it sucking up dust all night, and I have a workable production computer again.

One more failure to report. 

My Vantec USB2.0 3.5” enclosure went West today. The drive inside was and is fine, but the board inside the enclosure is no longer recognised by any of the systems connected to the Homegroup here.I won’t be replacing it because I want to turn over to all SATA operation eventually.

I have an ATAPI bridge device if I need to connect to the IDE drive. I will miss seeing it, I guess, as it had been a part of the desk for almost eight years, but it was mirrored by an Ultra enclosure that contains a SATA drive of the same size, so I am not too bothered about the loss.

It has been an interesting twenty four hours, and will hopefully be followed up by many boring hours where nothing goes wrong.


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