The new boss..

Satya Nadella is the new CEO of the Microsoft empire and I must admit to not knowing him, his existence even, but then I don’t pore over Microsoft staff lists and management structure. All I care is that Microsoft produce a product that I can use personally and have enough faith in the product to support and recommend publicly. Hey, I am just one very small cog in the machine.

Will the new CEO do better than his predecessor? I can’t make a guaranteed statement based on anything I have not seen, but from what I have seen since 2001, I will go with feelings and say ‘YES’.

A major factor here is that Bill Gates has stepped down as Chairman and is taking up the position of ‘Technology Advisor’. For me, that is a comforting thought that the man who saw anything and everything as possible is in the mix. I have read that Bill Gates was a tough employer, but that didn’t and doesn’t take away from the fact that he knew and still knows his stuff.

That’s it.. just wanted to wish the new guy well is all.. Smile

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