Wearable computing..

Google Glass

You too can look like you are about to pilot an attack helicopter at night, except that you can’t do that just yet, not with Google Glass anyway. What you can do is get info and record info. Trouble is that others with the same technology can do it to you. It takes stalking to new levels.

NYPD are testing it out, but Google doesn’t like that idea at all. It puts a negative slant on what is presently being marketed as ‘fun stuff’. In my opinion, this scenario just about says it all. I can see NO good ever coming out of this product. For every good use (as in use by police departments), there will be a hundred less beneficial uses, like jokers stalking you or your kids.

They will also be a distraction to wearers who should be concentrating on more important tasks, like properly controlling a moving vehicle for instance.


Smart watches

You will probably need the magnifying function of Google Glass to be able to make best use of these. Would you trust anybody who was sporting both technologies. Yet another distracting device, where the user is paying zero attention to what is going down in front. It could be a moving vehicle, ot maybe you sitting across the table. Oh well, it’s a great way to find out how boring you are when you partners eyes spend more time on a watch or the corner of their glasses..


My favourite wearable device

What I like about this one is that the technology is turned OFF while being worn by the user. It will only be a distraction to others, an opportunist thief hoping that it contains a top model iPad for example.


I am basically against anything that will distract the user to the detriment of others, and some users will ALWAYS be distracted, so quit with the protestations.

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