LAN messengers..

It is useful to be able to send messages over a local area network. I do it quite often when I am working across all of the machines on the home network here.

I started off with:

  1. ‘Stickies’ from Zhorn Software in the UK. It is basically a ‘stickies’ utility but it has network capability too. It proved to be an excellent ‘post-it note’ utility, but not so much a network messenger.
  2. Lantoucher Messenger. This is ok, but it was awkward to use and very easy to shutdown accidentally.
  3. Softros Messenger.. I liked this one but it costs after a trial period and I want something free
  4. Lan Messenger from Source Forge. It is a little convoluted but it is free and it works and it doesn’t need the user to manually find other LAN members every now and again and ………… it is what I am using now until something comes along which is better..

Links to the above and in order:


Softros is the most polished of the four, but at $14.95 per machine and due yearly, one would hope that it was the best. For quickly sending messages and links through to the rest of the network, Lan Messenger works as is FREE.

A word of warning if you go for Lan Messenger.. There is also a similar utility offered and it is called BeeBeep. I installed this on two machines because it promised a secure mode, but there is no uninstall routine, and now I wish that I hadn’t been tempted by it..

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