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Windows 8.1.1 has yet to appear, next months ‘Patch Tuesday’ is earmarked, and it will bring more improvements for desktop users and slim some things down for lower power tablets, all more than welcome for a wide range of users. Also rumoured are some Metro apps ported to the desktop side, The traditional MS games would be good candidates.

Windows 9 rumours suggest April 2015. There is a lot riding on this OS, make or break for the Windows OS on desktops and laptops. I am hoping that Microsoft release it as a core with interchangeable interfaces. and I don’t mean two switchable interfaces. which jolt between each other uneasily. Non-portable machines marketed with mouse and keyboard would get the desktop version, portables would get a choice as would all in ones, and phablets would get what phablet owners deserve.

This would not please everybody. Desktop and phablet owners would be over the moon, but laptop and ‘all in one’ owners would be saddled with the mess that is Windows 8. That isn’t so bad if you think about it. Presently, only phablet users get something which is ok for the purpose.

Plan C.. Laptop and AIO owners can be appeased by dropping the silly full screen and split screen touch apps and giving them ‘touch sensitive’  versions of programs which lend themselves to touch in the form of a touch ‘ribbon’.

AHA, now we have everybody happy and they are ALL running Windows 9. Microsoft would be back at the top of the pile within a year, and the dyed in the wool Microsoft haters would still be thrashing around in the bilges or paying through the nose for a Mac.


Windows 8 as in straight 8 is on its way out at the end of October 2014. If you haven’t upgraded to 8.1, do it now. If you are having issues upgrading to 8.1, consider starting over with a fresh 8, running the initial updates, then running the 8.1 update on a nice clean base. As in the past, major updates have often struggled to complete on systems that have been messed around for a year or two.

Windows 7 for home users is coming to an end too. October 2014 will mark the end of being able to buy a Windows 7 retail home edition or OEM Windows 7 machine across the counter. Hey, don’t cry. If you want a Windows 7 machine that badly, go to the business end of the major manufacturer websites or the stores which cater primarily for business computing needs. You will still be able to get Windows 7 Professional in those places. 

Windows XP should NOT be running on any computer after April 2014. I liked XP as much as anybody alive, but that was at the time when Noah was tracking down a pair of Wombats to include in the list of animals to be saved.

Security was never XP’s strong suit and it will only get worse. Microsoft are going to keep MSE alive for XP for a while, but when they drop it, so will others drop their security offerings. Nobody has the resources free to cover FIVE operating systems, and as XP was first in, it is only fitting that it should be first out.

Incidentally, I had to do some remedial work on an aging XP machine, and it was the MOST frustrating time that I have spent other than the simply awful Compaq CQ56. Clunky, slow and intransigent really don’t sum up XP well enough, and you know what they say.. a picture is worth a thousand words.

The picture..


I make no apologies for offending anybody. Like the items in the photo above, XP is beyond it’s sell- by date..


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