The Internet of Things..

I am not too sure what the full implications of this phrase will be or if I want any of them. As I understand, it is about everything being connected.

A while ago, I looked for a child car seat to replace the ‘out of date’ seat that I already had. Eventually, I found the make and model that I wanted and purchased it online.Parkway SG Confetti The photo shows a Britax Parkway SG and the colour is called ‘Confetti’ It is the latest model, with improved head and upper body protection, but I did add extra padding to the seat and lower back before handing over use to my grand-daughter. She loves it.

Anyway, enough of the review. What happened after I bought the seat is what I would call ‘stalking’ and being stalked by a pink seat is not fun. The ad running at the top of my Protopage featured a pink Parkway SG. The ads at the side of almost every webpage I opened featured a pink Parkway SG.

I couldn’t even escape the Parkway SG when driving in my Jeep because there it was, right behind my seat. I was beginning to regret buying it at one point, but the child’s mother had to replace the seat in her vehicle too, and bought a similar grey version which my grand does not particularly like.

The trouble with fluorescent pink is that it stands out. You just can’t miss it. This is the start of the Internet of Things, the ads on my computer which every now and again remind me to buy a pink Britax Parkway SG. In fairness, the ads disappeared after a couple of months.

So, have you heard the joke about some clowns who have decided that it would be a good idea to have your smartphone supply you with ads for what you were looking at in the store? I think that it works like this.

You walk up to a part of the store to look at a product. Meanwhile, other products are handshaking with your smartphone and noting how much time you spend in front of them. Over the course of time, your phone will feed you ads for  the most viewed products and may even give map co-ordinates to the store and shelf  position as you drive in proximity to the where the product is being sold. You pay for the calls, btw.

Your vehicle may join in too, if it is ‘connected’. At the moment, connected cars can’t do that much, and it is all fun stuff and ‘ooh that’s clever’, but wit until your car tells you that you are passing your favourite Taco Bell or about the offer on at Target for the last product you spent more than 10 seconds looking over. This is where it becomes distinctly not funny, the only humour being that you are paying for the constant flow of useless information.

Who are the winners? I think that it will be the ones who don’t play. The rest will have their freedom eroded so gradually that they won’t realize what has happened, and by that time, it will be too late..


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