Calling 8.1.1

Any similarity between North America’s emergency call number is purely co-incidental, but it is an emergency number in the sense that Microsoft are trying to appease disgruntled desktop users. The new version sets a start button which diverts to the Windows 8 desktop as the default view, and two icons appear in the top right of the screen, one to give desktop users a reference point to type in searches, and the other to access STOP and RESTART functions. Tiles will also get more controls. Is it enough to appease desktop users? Not really, but I would imagine that this … Continue reading Calling 8.1.1

The next Windows..

Rumour has it that the successor to Windows 8 will appear during April of 2015. Not quick enough for you? It probably isn’t fast enough for Microsoft but what can you do. Somebody is going to have to fish the Start menu code out of Windows 7 and find a way to put it back without upsetting the OS. The ‘refresh’ function is going to take a bit of work for sure, it being probably one of the worst features ever included in a Windows operating system. Windows Backup was sacrificed for ‘Refresh’ and Windows Backup was bad enough already. … Continue reading The next Windows..