More room..

I have been toying with the idea of changing my Coolermaster case. It’s a boring old black thing, and I often get the urge to customize it, not exactly like the mods seen in CPU magazine, a freebie I pick up from my local TigerDirect.. see here.. .. but trick it out a littler bit.

In the last few weeks, I have placed an MVP label on the front to balance out the AMD sticker and I added a card reader. The sticker was purely decorative, but the card reader added functionality but not style as it is the same vibrant black as per the rest of the case and the labelling on it is too small for me to read. Anyway, apart from the small splash of blue and the silly blue LED fan just behind the front cover, it is still a boring old black thing.

However, what it lacks in looks is more than made up when it comes to fitting stuff inside. I recently took apart a broken power supply to recover the 120mm fan and grille that was in it with a view to adding it to help cool the hard drives.

The hard drive housing is perpendicular to the front panel, and the silly blue LED fan pushes air over the drives, and on the other side of the hard drive housing, there are fitting points to install a variety of cooling devices, even water cooling.

Having fitted the ‘new’, there has been a temperature drop of 2°C on the hard drives, the video card, and CPU temperature..

This is what I like about my case. There is substantial scope for fitting cooling devices all over the inside, and I did see a mod done on the CM690 II where the owner had really gone to town on it. I like to keep everything relatively simple, so I stick with basic but good quality 120mm fans

I would have included a shot of the new addition, but interior shots have not proved successful in the past, a bit like taking photos of coal inside an unlit coal bunker, so you will have to use your imagination.


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