Calling time..

..on your iPad 2, boys and girls. Apple have dumped it already, in favour of a new, well, slightly newer  Retina 9.7” model that has a bumper 16gb (would you like that in words?) storage, and the “Lightning” transfer and charging connector”. What are you waiting for? The 9.8” model? That might not appear for at least a year. C’mon, let’s go..

It’s a different world for Apple consumers, isn’t it.  While Apple consumers are dreaming about the day when they can pay out $399 to use the same connectors on their iPad  AND iPhone, Windows users are losing sleep because:

  1. a 12 year old scanner will not work in Windows 8 64-bit
  2. Command and Conquer for Windows 95 will not install
  3. there are no drivers for a a 15 year old 3Com NIC
  4. they have to download a FREE utility into Windows 8 to get the same experience as per Windows 7..

.. and if M$ doesn’t fix it pronto, they will buy a MAC 

One of the reasons that people didn’t used to rush out and buy a MAC was because of the name.. Mackinto$$$$h and they still don’t. Apple has not made it’s money on descendants of the Apple Lisa. Apple sells lifestyle, not work horses which is what descendants of the IBM PC have always been.

I sincerely hope that Microsoft doesn’t  CALL TIME on the work horse. I would be quite happy to put up with a hybrid OS just to be able to keep my cheap and cheerful desktop PC which enables me to help other Windows users across the world and have a bit of fun too..


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