Diagnostics – Performance

Open up Event Viewer, let it sort itself out first and then make your way to the section in the above title..

Applications and services log > Microsoft > Windows > Diagnostics – performance > Operational

This is where you can find out what is slowing your computer down, I understand, and looking at the three Windows 7 machines in the home network, there is a LOT of slowing down.

Two of the machines, both laptops, were supplied with Windows 7, and the desktop was an XP era machine. I say this because the old desktop only just runs Windows 7 in that hardware drivers are only just hanging on. An example: The desktop machine is nForce4 which gets zero support from Windows 7 in real terms, and as it runs on a TP-Link wireless N connection, I have disabled the on-board NIC which sees one error in Event Viewer off the radar.

But hey, this is Windows 7, which is old hat and nobody cares anymore apart from XP users who are scrabbling to find something which isn’t Windows 8.

In a more sensible world..

So, I go to the same EV location on my Windows 8 machine and I see only two entry types, ID 500 and ID 501’s which relate to the criminally poor performance of the budget HD6450 video card which I installed a while ago. In fairness, I knew that the video card was no fire breather (it’s more like a fine water spray actually), but it does at least get full Windows driver support.

What does this mean?

Well, maybe two things..

  1. The video card is one of the all time worst EVER..
  2. Windows 8.1 Event Viewer is incapable of determining what is slowing anything down, so ignores everything except for the video card.

Were it not for the fact that this computer has never run as well as it does now, way fewer errors than I used to see in Windows 7, I would give the second point some credence, but I can’t..

Windows 8.1 is a very good desktop indeed, better than Windows 7, Vista and XP, and I can’t see it being anything else as long as the troublesome tiles are avoided (which I do on a daily basis). Windows users are missing out on Microsoft’ ‘best yet’ because they would rather believe the FUD than sense, and I am fast coming to the point where I don’t care what they do anymore..

If you are a desktop user, do yourself a favour and get Windows 8 and a 3rd party start menu.


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