Faith has been restored..

Mine specifically.. See this..

It isn’t that I am happy to see tablet producers fail exactly, but it shows that not all people are prepared to subscribe to the concept that small tablets are goof for anything other than displaying media..

If small screen devices were going to take off, Netbooks back in 2010 would have made better ground than they actually did. Netbooks have the benefit of reasonable keyboards and are powerful enough to manage basic text documents, email AND media too, but they are too small for sustained use. 

I made the point a long time ago that I believed tablets would end up as being niche machines, and I stand by that belief.

Analogy: If you want to move four people around, you can use a Toyota Prius. If you want to move large bulky items around, you buy a small truck. If you want or need to move both around at the same time, you use a full cab, full size truck.

So it is with computers.

I understand that manufacturers are eager to find new products that will generate huge amounts of cash long term but, like virtual reality, tablets ultimately aren’t going to be ‘the product’.


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