A vote of no confidence..

The first company getting this award is Staples Canada, the nice people who sold me a Brother MFC-J470DW all in one.

The printer is fine, no problems at all, easy to set up, quick operation, good output, albeit maybe not professional quality. I don’t do a lot of printing, and ink levels are still almost at the very top. My granddaughter has done a bit of printing from it, all colour stuff of course.

So why the no confidence vote for Staples Canada?

Well, when I bought it, the salesperson assured me that the ink provided would be enough for a setup and maybe a a few pages of output, as many as THREE, and that I should buy a full set of new cartridges to get beyond three pages. I know that printers are sold with cartridges that are only half full, and I also know that the salespersons are asked to push for sales of ink cartridges, BUT his assessment of how much I would get was so wrong..

The second company is Bell Canada, a company  which is forever canvassing Rogers users.

Where I live, the building has been wired for Rogers for years, and as cable has a much faster potential than DSL, Rogers is the obvious choice. However, Bell tell the people in this building that their download speeds are the fastest available in the building. This is so UNTRUE that it hurts. When I do work on computers here, if the client is attached to Bell, I bring the computer to my own apartment to get downloads done because I don’t like sitting in a client’s place for hours, waiting for stuff to finally make it onto the hard drive.

So, Bell have been in the building AGAIN, and I decided to question the Bell representative. Other than the part where he stated that he once worked for Rogers and now works for Bell is probably the only truthful statement that he made to me  He told me that Rogers cheat on what they actually deliver compared to what I get in reality. And Bell don’t do that? I have dealt with clients who were sold faster packages even though Bell technicians knew that the people were at the slow end of the 3.5 mile DSL limit.

Why can’t salespersons be truthful? 

The answer to that is simple. They are under huge pressure from management to get sales at any cost even if the end result is that the consumer essentially gets a good scamming.

One of the reasons that I don’t do too well in my own little business is that I have too much integrity. I am not prepared to scam anybody, do NOT do work that is not required, make promises that have no basis, and if I remain relatively poor, then so be it.

All I ask is that nobody tries to scam me. I am slow to forgive, and in some cases that may extend to ‘never’..

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