Cloud storage..

It’s a fantastic idea, the cloud. Get your files anywhere, anytime, from any machine. Whoever thought this one up deserves a medal. There is a problem though, well a couple of problems actually. It relies on the Internet being live and available at your location, wherever that might be.. You have to pay for it.. TWICE OK, so let’s look at issue #1. Most of the time, connection is not a problem. ISPs rarely lose connection to the outside world. The same can’t always be said for servers and nodes beyond your ISP. You have to understand that they have … Continue reading Cloud storage..

8.1.1 advance news..

After the update was inadvertently introduced to Windows Update, some astute people grabbed it fast before the mistake was realised.. And the news is.. There are probably still too many tiles in Windows 8.1.1 for the greater majority, one tile being ‘a tile too far’ for some.. The good news is that Microsoft did exactly as i suggested months ago, and the new Windows will have a taskbar in the Metro UI and some of the controls that made the original Start menu such a winner. Example: A ‘power’ icon will be available without having to fish for charms and … Continue reading 8.1.1 advance news..

Computing 2020 – Will it be any fun at all?

There is a new tablet on the scene, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. It’s a great machine until one wants to do real work, and is not alone. A similar view from here too.. Have you ever tried to do real work using the Windows on-screen keyboard? Not easy, is it, quite the exercise in frustration actually. You would think that touch would be the ideal answer, but it isn’t in practice. Working a touch screen keyboard is even worse because the keys are even smaller. For hands like mine, they are a waste of time. The tablet … Continue reading Computing 2020 – Will it be any fun at all?

A date for your calendar

April 2nd, 2014, the Windows 8.1.1 update will appear on the MSDN downloadable section. April 8th, 2014, the Windows 8.1.1 update will be piped through the Windows 8 Store.. Good luck, everybody..

This is a ‘must have’

Apple’s Carplay.. .. .. unless, of course, you live in a country, province, state etc. which regards use of this kind of device as DISTRACTED DRIVING. In Ontario Canada, OPP claim that distracted driving is the new #1 killer on the roads, surpassing speeding and DUI offences. Penalties are getting tougher and so they should, and the devices which distract are increasing in number. Carplay will become one of them in time. Carplay is a great device and it looks good but should these devices be allowed? I don’t think so. The rules about ‘hands free’ in vehicles are … Continue reading This is a ‘must have’

My new printer.. a Brother MFC-J470DW

It is essentially a cheap multi-function device which can print, copy, scan, fax and be used across the Internet General retail price in Canada is $109.00 not including taxes. Criticisms in reviews were few,mainly : Difficult to set up.. Quite honestly, I found it quite easy to do, easier than some printers that I have had to set up for clients. The front panel is the older button type but it is all clear enough. There is a 1.8” colour LCD panel which shows where you are, and it is easily read.. Small capacity paper tray (100 sheets)..  This works … Continue reading My new printer.. a Brother MFC-J470DW