The Update – Part two – Installation..

I was going to wait for the public release on April 8 because I wanted to see how it would all pan out for consumers, but patience is not a strong point, and I have an MSDN account..

Anyway, this is what happened.

I located the update in MSDN which covers Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Update, and downloaded it to the hard drive. It comes down in zipped form and, once unzipped, presents you with six kb’s and a readme file.

I printed off the readme such that I could keep a check on what I had already done, and basically, the readme tells you to install in a particular order. This just happens to coincide with the order of the KB’s as they appear on the drive.

The first is quite small and is a preliminary to the other five, but my system told me that I already had it. I wonder when Microsoft sneaked that one in.. Smile

The second is quite a large update, 707363 kb in total, and takes a while to complete. I didn’t time it but would think that it took maybe 15-20 minutes maybe. It seemed like it at the time.

Of the rest, the largest is 46149 kb and one of them is only 303 kb, so they sail through very quickly. I am not sure how these updates will be delivered on April 8 other than the fact that they will come via Windows Update, but in this case, there was a restart after each one.

After the last reboot, I was reasonably sure that the computer was still running well, and it still is. Event Viewer is showing less errors and criticals than I have ever seen before in any Windows OS and the promised features are all there..

Points to note: 

  1. You can’t bypass the Windows 8.1 upgrade. If 8.1 is not already installed, you will not be allowed to proceed.
  2. As always, your computer should be malware free and preferably not have been touched by any ‘go faster’ utility in its past. This is a given, and I can’t stress this enough. If you are not sure, run Malwarebytes or your preferred anti-malware software. 

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