The Windows 8.1 ‘Update’ is mandatory..

.. and if you choose to cancel it, you are also cancelling any other update in the future. It is no different to the Service Pack policy of old.

Windows users who have slow broadband connections will have a longer wait while the download is in progress, but it is worth the wait because it contains GUI improvements which make life easier. The ‘update’ is being served up with a few smaller ones, and is not checked for download by default.

Download and install the others first, reboot the machine, and then go back to Windows Update, check the big one and then sit back or find something else to do.

From what I am gathering, after the update, Windows start behaviour is changed somewhat, but it is all for the greater good.

As always, updates always install on a malware free machine that has not been mauled by registry cleaners and optimizers. If you have any suspicion that all is not well, run your preferred malware remover beforehand..

That’s it for now.. Smile

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