A new case and connecting to a wireless printer..

The new case..

I had a call from a client that the CD drawer wasn’t working, and it sounded easy enough to fix. On inspection, I noticed that the front of the case was being held on entirely by wires, notably the power switch and front panel headers. The plastic mounts had all decayed and there was no alignment with the optical drive. I also noticed that the case was very hot and generally not a good case, being over nine years old.

I was asked to select a case, preferably below $50, and I picked the Coolermaster HAF912 . I have a feeling it is a discontinued model, but is essentially the same as the two models still in the new line-up. General features include:

  • Very strong construction
  • Front panel controls and ports are forward facing at the top
  • Plenty of space inside making assembly a breeze.
  • A very handy 2.5” drive mount on the base which is excellent for tucking the unused power supply cables away.
  • Standard Coolermaster perforated front panels which allow for high air flow.
  • Two 120mm fans, one front and one at the top of the backplate.

It has a polished aluminium interior which is not so bad because the cut-out for the CPU in the motherboard mounting plate is large enough that heat shouldn’t be reflected back at the CPU. The chipset may have a harder time of it, but I am hoping that there is enough air going through to offset the problem. In time, I may get some flat black paint and sort it better.

I took my time and total disassembly from the old case and into the new one took maybe an hour. Everything worked as expected, and the client is pleased to get use of the DVD drive once again.

There is one problem which I have not been able to resolve. The desktop icons are dumping their titles to one side and I really don’t know why. I have tried all of the settings available and it still does it. Strangely, when the desktop appears, it looks ok, and then suddenly jolts the titles to the side, and when shutting down, the reverse happens.

Wireless printing – AIR..

This client has bought an iPad Air to replace an aging Acer Netbook running XP, and wants it to connect to an ‘air capable’ HP LJP1102w laser printer. Strictly speaking, the iPad should have found the printer easily, but unfortunately the printer requires a firmware update first.  There is also the question of how to get songs onto a new iPod.

Presently, I don’t know if there is some structured Apple way to do it, so it will be a ‘learning curve for two’ next week.

On the home front – just a quickie..

I almost had errors down to zero according to EV recently, but as fast as one goes, it is replaced by another. The current error is not directly affecting what I do, so I will wait for a major failure before worrying. One thing I can tell you, the machine will have a major breakdown long BEFORE I do..


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