A bad ‘Apple’..

As long as you have a printer which is AIR capable, Air printing from an iPad is a breeze. Knowing which icon to press for the print option is not so obvious, but I worked it out.

OK, now for the bad apple.

The culprit is an iPod, 4th generation which didn’t want to be recognised by the Windows 8.1 laptop. Installing iTunes latest version was easy enough, BUT when the iPod was attached, the computer briefly saw it, started iTunes and then promptly disconnected the iPod. An older iPod was tried and it would have worked if the client had set up an Apple account.

So he account setup was tried and it just went into a loop. Grrrrrrrrrr.. Then there is a dumb program called Genius which is apparently how one gets music from an iTunes library onto an iPod which might have worked better had it not kept checking for an account which would not set up.

One thing I do know is that a standard MP3 player would have been a great deal easier. We both gave up in the end. I had other things to do and so did the client.

It really annoys me that Apple is the first name in tablets and mp3 players. In my opinion, they are over priced and can be difficult. Apple stuff seems to be design ahead of function, which is why I like the cheap and cheerful Windows stuff.

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