An Up(set)date finally..

I can’t remember a time when a Microsoft update cobbled anything on a computer of mine, but KB2964358 was one of them. This is the update which fixed the latest Zero Day exploit in all versions of Internet Explorer since the venerable version 6.

The Symptoms:

My Protopage home page consists of two pages, page one holding three blocks of my most used URLs, and a second page holding four news blocks and the Dilbert cartoon.

Every now and again, I have to knock out the Dilbert cartoon because it forgets to update daily, and then re-add it to the second page. Adding it back is normally a breeze, but not this time. Protogage reports that the browser is open elsewhere and will not save the changes.

The answer is to send a bug report to Protopage high command, and then set about uninstalling the update, re-instate Dilbert, and then re-install KB2964358.

The end result is that I have the Dilbert cartoon back, and IE is once again safe. KB2964358 took no prompting to re-install, by the way. I restarted the computer, added Dilbert, and then responded to another reboot request. Expecting to have to track down KB2964358 again and re-install it, I was quite surprised to see that it was already back in place. It had re-installed itself while I was adding Dilbert back into the game, hence the call for the second reboot.


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