A tale of two mice..

The mouse on the left is a Microsoft Mobile 6000, a year and a half old perhaps, and the mouse on the right is a Microsoft Mobile 4000, almost five years old. Both had issues with the scroll wheel, and now they have the added problem that the tops had to be prised off, so don’t try this at home..

two mice

Internal design is similar as one would expect, except for the right auxiliary button on the 6000 which the 4000 doesn’t have.OK, onto the problem which resulted in both being taken apart.

The 4000 was working perfectly well until it was paired with my Toshiba Netbook and squeezed into the small front pouch of the Netbook’s carry case. The 6000 replaced the 4000 as main pointing device on the Lenovo because the user showed a preference for the shape (there is a small difference).

As time went by, I was getting a little annoyed by the intransigence of the 4000’s scroll wheel to the point where I stopped using it, and the rubber tire on the 6000 was slowly stretching to the point where it no longer gripped the scroll wheel. I notice that the 6000 is no longer made, but the 4000 still is.

Microsoft is kindly replacing the 6000 with a 4000, and the old 4000 is now officially scrapped as you can see in the photo. In time, it will be replaced by a Logitech M600 touch mouse that has a no physical scroll wheel and a flatter profile which will hopefully last longer when squeezed into the Netbook’s carry case.

The two mice in the photo will be taken to my local Staples store for recycling..

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