The Logitech M600

.. is a touch mouse designed for Windows 7, and I bought mine for $26 plus tax from XS Cargo in my local city. It replaces one of the all time great mobile mice, the venerable Microsoft Mobile 4000 wireless mouse, and I would have bought another but for one problem. Stuffing the 4000 into a pouch in the front of my small netbook carry case took out the scroll wheel, and if there is one thing that you need when browsing websites on a netbook, it is a good scroll wheel.

M600So, for months I struggled with the touchpad, not quite knowing how to get around the problem, when I saw the M600 for sale at a cheap price. The answer to my problem, a scroll mouse without the wheel, and it is slim-line too, fitting easily into the pouch. All good so far.

Out of the box, it looks good and feels solid. There are no buttons anywhere, but the base and the top are not rigidly connected. Two AA batteries (supplied) give life and there is a small switch on the underside which turns it on and off.

In use..

The scroll feature is easy to use, single or two finger, and the side scroll is a left finger swipe from the leading left side to the middle in the front third of the top surface.

Clicking is decidedly weird. It is touch in that it can detect left and right click, but the action is always the same with the front of the mouse dipping down. At first, one is never really sure if it is going to start something or give the right click options, especially if like me, you always rest both fingers across the top of the mouse. There is also a ‘tap’ function on the top middle that changes from one program to another. Some customization is possible in the SetPoint control panel.

I haven’t tried it on a Windows 8 machine and won’t be doing so, but according to the blurb, it integrates well with Windows 8.

My conclusion..

It is not as good a mouse as the Microsoft  Mobile 4000, especially for somebody so used to regular mouse buttons. It isn’t weighted as well, and the ‘dipping’ action is decidedly strange. However, it will not get trashed in the netbook case hopefully like the 4000 did and of course, it was cheap..

It does have one MAJOR downside which has been corrected in the later T620. There is nowhere on the mouse to store the transceiver. It may seem to you like a small thing, but having to leave the transceiver plugged in such that it doesn’t get lost or broken is not good. 


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