An easy choice..

I watched a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 machine showcased today, and I will admit that it is very nice. The machine is quick, the keyboard has a nifty magnet to keep it attached to the screen, and it is all super thin and light..

OK, so now for the problems with the presentation..

  1. The machine being demo’ed was sitting in an expensive docking station..
  2. It was connected to a huge screen, which is probably the best way to view a 12” tablet..
  3. It was connected to the very latest Sculpt keyboard and mouse desktop set..
  4. It was the Intel i7 variant..
  5. An nice Adobe man showed Photoshop, but only scribbled on it, zoomed in, back out, rotated and reset the sample photo, that is to say, nothing that you can’t do in a freebie photo editor.. .. 

I can get a Lenovo Flex Hybrid laptop, 15.6” screen, 1Tb drive for $919 plus tax here in Canada and, for a further $70, Arcsoft Studio. Apart from not being able to separate the screen from the keyboard, why would I want to buy something that was too small to use with ease for almost double the price of the Lenovo?

It would take a sizable bag to accommodate the Surface Pro 3 as demonstrated, yet the Lenovo Flex would fit into a regular laptop bag. Doing work is not about cutting edge technology, as impressive as it might be. It is about usability, ease of use et tout cela..

With the amount of cash already expended, I wonder if the Microsoft Surface Pro has been properly thought out, or for that matter any tablet which is aimed at the workplace and serious work.


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