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Is the world ready for the Surface Pro 3?

Yes, maybe if the price was half what it is and it was smaller or larger. Small tablets, Kindles et al are a nice easy to carry size, and they are CHEAP. The Surface Pro is not so pocketable, getting towards easily usable laptop size, and it definitely isn’t CHEAP. It would be interesting  to see which iPad sold best. My guess is that it would be the cheapest model.

In my experience, people buy the cheapest in the hope that it will do what they want, and the rule applies to computers, cars, vacuum cleaners and pretty much everything. It’s going to be uphill all the way for the Pro 3..

IoT – Internet of THINGS..

What things? Start with some things but with a view to everything in time and all I see is a black hole from which we will all want to escape. That will be fun because I don’t think that there will be any escape.

Your smartphone will be calling you with ads for products you just passed in the store, your car will tell you that gas was 5c cheaper further down the road (after you filled up), and your house will turn off the TV until you can prove that you have walked the dog. If you are a believer in the concept that government has way too much control over you, you have seen nothing yet.

I can see a few who currently have their smart phones in hand, locked and loaded, turning them off..


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