Mint condition, hardly used..

.. and it’s worth nothing unless Linux can make use of it because XP is no more and Vista is as good as no more. The product in question is a D-Link WDA 2320 wireless adapter rev A2, and D-Link offers zero support for it that I can see. It isn’t a new concept for Windows users to own hardware that has zero value. The good news is that I picked up an HP Pavilion M9500Y today. While it isn’t exactly new, released originally in November 2008, it is new to me and best of all was a FREEBIE. It … Continue reading Mint condition, hardly used..

The Internet is an unforgiving place..

After the mess that was my last three ‘get it working again’ jobs, tonight I decided to see just how easy it was to replicate the three computers. The easiest way is to try to pirate activation codes, so I looked up an Angry Birds activation, and this is what happened next.. A link to the activation codes was easy enough to find but initially getting the ‘exe’ file, note that it was not a link to a code in plain text, proved slightly more difficult. After three attempts, I had it ready for installation. Next, a grey box appeared … Continue reading The Internet is an unforgiving place..

July 2014 updates..

All three Windows 7 machines and one Windows 8 machine updated without issue. The Netbook did stall once, but a reboot sorted it out. There has been no loss of audio, wireless connections or anything else, proving again that Windows can update safely. The secret is not to force your computer to use an OS for which there is little or no manufacturer support, not to force drivers into compatibility mode and not to force old software onto an OS for which it is not and never will be supported, That’s it.. nothing left to say..

Your Microsoft Account

When you set up Windows 8, it asks you to use a Microsoft account, and the option to use any other email account is hidden away. Do you think that this is ‘controlling’ and unfair? Call me a ‘fanboi’ if you will, but there is good reason to go along with Microsoft and do as you are told. During setup, you are told that you will get a code by SMS or email, and many of you will not have received the code for one reason or another. “Oh DUH. yet another example of Microsoft getting it wrong” You can … Continue reading Your Microsoft Account

Contagion in the cables..

Of the last three computer to come by me, only one was salvageable without resorting to total recovery. The two laptops became nightmares as work progressed. It was easy enough to get rid of the bad stuff and the popups, but trying to repair the corruption in the operating system proved to be ultimately impossible. Given enough time, I could fix them without re-installing maybe, but my clients don’t give me that long, and want the computer back in 24 hours or less. This is the service I provide, and why some come to me and not others. I have … Continue reading Contagion in the cables..