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When you set up Windows 8, it asks you to use a Microsoft account, and the option to use any other email account is hidden away. Do you think that this is ‘controlling’ and unfair? Call me a ‘fanboi’ if you will, but there is good reason to go along with Microsoft and do as you are told.

During setup, you are told that you will get a code by SMS or email, and many of you will not have received the code for one reason or another.

“Oh DUH. yet another example of Microsoft getting it wrong”

You can fix this by going to this website..

So, I waded through the process as instructed, and in the Recent activity section, I came across this..

recent activity

The interesting bits are highlighted, and please note that I have not visited Medan, Riyadh or Mexico City EVER. There is no way that I could have attempted a login into my Microsoft account anywhere other than London Ontario.

It could be said that using a local account with an ISP address would most likely be a safe bet, but for the fact that many DON’T use ISP mail addresses, preferring instead to use Yahoo, Gmail and other oddities.

Microsoft is providing good protection here, and if you have any sense, you will take advantage and USE IT.. The process is easy and at the end of it, you are asked to print off the code and keep it in a safe place..


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