Mint condition, hardly used..

.. and it’s worth nothing unless Linux can make use of it because XP is no more and Vista is as good as no more. The product in question is a D-Link WDA 2320 wireless adapter rev A2, and D-Link offers zero support for it that I can see. It isn’t a new concept for Windows users to own hardware that has zero value.

The good news is that I picked up an HP Pavilion M9500Y today. While it isn’t exactly new, released originally in November 2008, it is new to me and best of all was a FREEBIE. It will replace the aging AMD 939 in the production line-up. As you will likely know, I am no fan of HP products anymore but for free, I am not complaining. It is an AMD AM2+, 8gb RAM, nVidia 8500GS graphics, built in wireless adapter, and is presently running Windows 7 Ultimate off the 939’s 320GB hard drive.

The machine will be used by my grand-daughter primarily, and I will use part of the drive for archive storage. The PCIe wireless adapter which I fitted to the 939 machine has found its way into my main production machine, and I will be rebuilding the 939 with a 160gb HDD and the WDA 2320, and then install Linux onto it. The 939 will take its place on the floor at the side of my grand-daughter’s desk, a position formerly taken by a 2003 vintage MDG useless old thing that used to house the WDA 2320. It is not as confusing to me as it maybe to you, but I am pleased with the outcome of today’s find..

Smile .

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