Windows 10 – I like it..

I do, even some of the tiles. Everything has improved greatly over the original release of Windows 8. I go home today, hopefully leaving rehabilitation for a broken hip behind me, and it will not be too long before all computers under my jurisdiction will be running Windows 10.

For my main PC, I will probably use Start10 and Quick Launch as I did for Windows 8/8.1 because that is how I like to work, but the others will be fine with the stock set up.

Unless you have particularly old hardware to which you have become emotionally attached, I can’t think of any reason why you would want to stay with Windows 7 or 8. They are both old and cranky when compared to Windows 10, and I am not being paid to say that.

I am working a Toshiba Netbook from rehab presently and for the first time since I have owned it, I am having fun on it. It was horrid when running Windows 7 Starter and subsequently the home version. It feels like a new PC now, not faster, but newer and better..

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