Security issues.. updated

The sky has been falling over Windows 10 security just recently, and even the kind guys in the open source world  have stepped in to fix it.. how nice.. 🙂

Of course, some have a vested interest in knocking Microsoft Windows, either to support their own platforms or just because they can.

Wi-Fi Sense has caused probably the biggest stir, with the myth that one’s Wi-Fi password will become world knowledge within seconds, but there is a little more to it than that. You can read more about it on ZDNet

Basically, setting up Windows 10 using EXPRESS settings, opts one into Wi-Fi sense, but for many that would probably be a good thing, especially as the password does not get broadcast to the entire world’s population without you knowing.. and you can switch the feature off having found out about it..

There is also a nice article about Wi-Fi Sense here on Yahoo too..

Microsoft is forever pulling info from every computer. I wouldn’t deny this but bear in mind that Windows and lots of other PC related stuff has improved because automatic feedback provided important info at the time.

You can see all of this as a breach of privacy if you like, but take the process of signing in to Firefox. If you do this, Mozilla keep your favourites safe.. FOR EVER. They will always know where you like to go and what you do when you get there. Breach of Privacy or useful if you have to re-install everything and your favourites are all still there when you sign back in to Firefox? Maybe you should decide for yourselves.

Re the open source solution to Windows 10 Privacy, I don’t have a link to it, wouldn’t use it myself because it is not supported and gives you options which may shut Windows 10 off from the world in general. Thanks but no thanks..

The update..

There is an article here which shows how to lock down Windows 10, but note the proviso in the title that you may lose some functionality..




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