The HP Elite M9500Y has been upgraded to Windows 10.. Updated

.. and is running very well indeed. The process took a bit of starting, with a window reporting ‘working on it’. It wasn’t of course, and I had to reboot once or twice and eventually go to Windows Update to get the upgrade file, but after that, it sailed through, everything working as it should and as expected.

This is in quite stark contrast to what I have seen in the forums. Having said that, there must be very many machines which upgraded to 10 much as Kylee’s machine did, none of which would be reported in the Microsoft Community


The update..

There is an issue with HP desktops and laptops where sleep and hibernate may be affected in the form of a blue screen. Unfortunately, short of not using the sleep or hibernate function, there is nothing that can be done. BIOS updates would be a possibility if the HP BIOS website would let you near it with Windows 10 installed, BUT IT DOESN”T.. 🙂

HP computers seem to have more quirks than most OEM machines that I come across. I am glad that I was given this machine, albeit in a sorry state. I would be really annoyed if I had paid out good money for it..



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