The Tosh Netbook.. Updated

I call it ‘Tosh’ because I have always seen it as cute but useless, but during my stay in musculo/skeletal rehab, Tosh performed brilliantly well, sitting on my bed table with still room for a breakfast tray and a pair of reading glasses.

Of course, one of the reasons that it was a lot more than useless was because I had clean installed Windows 10 preview initially which had become the full Windows 10 RTM. Never really expecting it to work long term, I had run out of other computers on which to test the preview, and it was all that I had left. I am so glad that I did it because I was ready to pension the Netbook off after finding out that Windows 8/8.1 was a no go.

Amazingly, it worked and better than it ever had when running Windows 7 Starter or Home Premium. There was a point where the preview process kept serving a Qualcomm update which blanked the original Wi-Fi adapter, but I solved that by switching to another adapter until such time as the silliness stopped, and it did.

Why change now?

OK, so why don’t I leave it alone and continue to run with it as it is? Well, anybody who cleaned installed the preview was and is allowed to keep it for the life of the machine, as per the terms of the upgrade from 7 and 8, BUT..

Because the upgrade process was essentially sidelined, the price is that one has to stay with the insider program, which may mean having to accept updates which make it next to unusable, err what I mean is ‘helping the furtherance of Windows 10 improvement and growth’, and I am not sure that I want to do that.

I take the netbook out with me on jobs away from home. It is great as a backup which I know works and it picks up Wi-Fi signals a treat. So, I have replaced the Windows 10 drive with the original containing Windows 7 (yes, I kept it intact for this very purpose), and I now have to wait for it to be offered the upgrade.

I don’t foresee any problems. It works now, it is a good, clean of malware Tosh, and I have every faith that the upgrade will be as seamless as its stablemates..


The Update

As I have already explained in the original post, I decided to upgrade the machine via its original operating system rather than have to conform to the wants of the Insider program.

So, it all went well, and now the Netbook has upgraded via Windows 7 as Microsoft originally intended that it should, and no errors.

In light of what appeared in the news about Wi-Fi Sense, I was taken to the option of disabling the feature during the final setup.. interesting..


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