It worked before the Upgrade.. #2

Internal hardware devices..

These are selected by the motherboard manufacturer, but I am not sure what criteria are used in the selection process.  Sometimes, some devices appear to be made by fairly obscure manufacturers who don’t support their own devices particularly well.

Every device on the motherboard requires a driver to make it work, and one can safely assume that when first purchased with the original operating system, the computer will work as well as it can. When you buy a new computer, everything will have been put in place for it to be registered in your own name, all drivers in place.

If at some point in the future you decide to upgrade, you have to remember that your computer knows nothing of or about the intended operating system, and will need to be manually shown in some instances.

Windows contains some generic drivers which at the very least will enable a basic mouse, keyboard, display and simple printer.  Everything else has to be addressed by the individual manufacturers of each device. What you have to hope is that the original manufacturer still has an interest in what may well be ‘old hat’ technology

OK, so if something isn’t working and Windows Update has not offered a ‘fix’, reinstalling Windows will make absolutely NO difference. What you have to do is UNINSTALL the non-working device.


Download and ‘save as’ the latest driver available from the device manufacturer website..


For Windows 10, right click on the Start button and select Control Panel > Device manager > Look for the device with a yellow warning marker attached to it, right click once and select UNINSTALL.

In some cases, after a reboot, Windows will re-install the device and all will be well. If it doesn’t, you always have the driver file that you downloaded earlier, yes?

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