Upgrading to Windows 10..

So far, I have to admit that it has been a painless experience for me and others I know.

The process doesn’t take too long, and what you get is what you saw on your screen before the update, but sitting on a better operating system.

Admittedly there is a small learning curve, examples being the ‘Settings’ box:

 click on the Logo and then select Settings

and how to get to the old Control Panel:

right click on the Logo and select Control Panel or any of the other entries in the list

but for average home users, it will be business as usual. It can’t get any better really.

The choice of two types of menu is interesting too, as you can use them for totally different sets of stuff. On the Netbook, I use the Metro menu like a form of Quick Launch, it being there at the press of the Logo button. Access is even a single click from the tiles, good for those who like to meter the amount of clicks made per day. We don’t want to wear our little selves out by clicking more than we have to do, eh 🙂

Of course, Windows 10 still needs work, but that is what the first five years of MS Support is all about. More features and slicker actions will appear over time, and I would expect the first wave in the Fall, although it is fairly slick now.

If you are having problems with the upgrade, I do have some sympathy with you even though I can’t share directly in your experiences because I haven’t had any problems

If you haven’t yet accepted the upgrade but you want to do it and you should want to do it, run Malwarebytes first, and uninstall crappy anti-virus solutions which promise to protect everything but slow down stuff better than they do anything else.

A note re Malwarebytes. Use the FREE version, and watch out for the window where you get the option to accept the ‘Pro trial’. You do NOT want the Pro trial, so uncheck it.


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