The upgrade fails when..

.. it encounters foreign stuff and malware. This is no reference to different languages or anything like that. I am talking about old junk, programming, updates produced by companies who would rather not put any effort into general support, preferring instead to blame Microsoft. It happens a lot, you know.. 🙂

The process of upgrading an OS is major stuff, more than just transplanting version names. Third party anti-virus, hardware drivers specific to the older OS, older programs barely compatible with Windows 95, all take their toll.

Decisions, decisions..

So, before starting the upgrade, there are one or two decisions which have to be made.

  1. Old stuff.. like Microsoft Money for instance. Who would have thought that the upgrade to Windows 10 would bring out so many users who still run this program? Unbelievable..
  2. Malware.. popups for SpeedUpMyPC, My Win Backup, all of that kind of stuff should NOT be present on your PC and you need to get rid of it NOW. This will involve a trip to ‘Programs and Features’ in Control Panel and the use of a malware remover like Malwarebytes.

If you are still running Microsoft Money, you really do need to find an alternative. It was discontinued around the time that Vista hit the scene, and I doubt that Microsoft had any idea regarding its popularity, but either way, banking services also improved greatly, and one has to be OCD to run it anyway. I know because I used to run Quicken, but when that ended in the UK, I knew that it would hold me back if I tried to hold on to it, and the process of meticulously entering financial info came to an end. Yay…………. 🙂

Malware comes in all shapes and sizes, some cleverly disguised as anti-virus suites that you can’t possibly do without. NOT TRUE. I was one of those nitwits too, unable to fully uninstall McAfee lest a plague and general pestilence should take over my PC. Neither happened, and I have been a fully protected PC user ever since, and it has cost me NOTHING, NADA, NO SUBSCIPTIONS.

Believing claims made by the big anti-virus people is like believing MPG figures down at you local auto dealer. They just don’t happen.. 🙂 Its all bogus..

General malware of the type which promises to speed up your  PC is also bogus, but has the air of validity as it is often accompanied by equally bogus companies promising Microsoft Windows support. Yeah, right, at a price, and are they ever any good? I am asking you because I flatly refuse to take up their services. I get the impression that they are not good because I find myself clearing up their mess after the event.

Upgrades don’t fail..

.. on a good clean version of an operating system where system files have not been altered to make old stuff run, where there isn’t malware duping the system and the user. If you think that your system is less than perfect, and many can’t do this because almost anything goes in their lives, re-install the old OS first. Yes, it takes a while but is worth it in the end, and before you know it, you can be collecting malware and problems on a completely new OS .. 🙂

Note that in this piece I have been a little hard on PC users in general, but I did make reference to where I had to learn the hard way too. It happens to us all, and I write these articles as one of you, a PC user who just wants to have fun.. 🙂

If you haven’t already upgraded to Windows 10, follow my advice here and you should be ok.. And one more thing, apparently it pays to uninstall MSE from Windows 7 before upgrading. I have heard that it can conflict and is hard to fix afterwards..

Good luck.. 🙂


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