It worked before the Upgrade.. #2

Internal hardware devices.. These are selected by the motherboard manufacturer, but I am not sure what criteria are used in the selection process.  Sometimes, some devices appear to be made by fairly obscure manufacturers who don’t support their own devices particularly well. Every device on the motherboard requires a driver to make it work, and one can safely assume that when first purchased with the original operating system, the computer will work as well as it can. When you buy a new computer, everything will have been put in place for it to be registered in your own name, all drivers in … Continue reading It worked before the Upgrade.. #2

It worked before the Upgrade.. #1

Sleep/Hibernation A computer will only sleep or hibernate if it is allowed to do so, and the biggest single cause of not being allowed is this. For reasons only known to Windows and Microsoft, the default setting for ‘Wake on LAN’ and ‘Power Management’ is ON. So, as soon as the computer detects the passage of data through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Windows springs into life. It’s like the scenario where a smartphone rings and everybody within earshot grabs their own phone.. 🙂 How to fix it.. OK, ready? Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Change Adapter Settings. Now right click on the … Continue reading It worked before the Upgrade.. #1

Making you pay? Perhaps ‘making’ is too strong a word..

There are some who are claiming that Windows 10 is not free in the true sense. You can read the ramblings of one of them here.. It’s all about the ploys to grab a bit of cash here and there, an example being the removal of adverts from the Solitaire games. Microsoft isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been tried before. The whole of the smartphone scene is based upon extraction of funds from the users at every turn, and who ever complains about that? I know of some who accept $300 – 400 PER MONTH as perfectly ok. They have … Continue reading Making you pay? Perhaps ‘making’ is too strong a word..

The Tosh Netbook.. Updated

I call it ‘Tosh’ because I have always seen it as cute but useless, but during my stay in musculo/skeletal rehab, Tosh performed brilliantly well, sitting on my bed table with still room for a breakfast tray and a pair of reading glasses. Of course, one of the reasons that it was a lot more than useless was because I had clean installed Windows 10 preview initially which had become the full Windows 10 RTM. Never really expecting it to work long term, I had run out of other computers on which to test the preview, and it was all that I … Continue reading The Tosh Netbook.. Updated

The Lenovo G780 is now running Windows 10..

In the early hours of this morning, the big Lenovo set about upgrading itself to Windows 10.  By 07:00hrs it was all over and the laptop is running well, no obvious issues as yet. I will take a look at it when it is freed up by the owner. So, all of the computers here upgraded without any major issues, and even though I have said it before, I will say it again. Major changes complete way better on a system that has not been subjected to dubious tweaks and paranoia about what Windows maybe be doing when you are not … Continue reading The Lenovo G780 is now running Windows 10..

My main PC is now Windows 10.. Updated

Now there are three Windows 10 PCs running here. This one was the big worry, a lot installed and the mainstay of my local business and community support efforts. It would take a good while to put it all back, but keeping the machines here squeaky clean pays off with no errors during the upgrades. I don’t install junk or let others do it, and I don’t mess with the system files. If you want a PC to be reliable, keep it simple and don’t mess with the system. Just one more to go at some point tomorrow.. fingers crossed … Continue reading My main PC is now Windows 10.. Updated

The HP Elite M9500Y has been upgraded to Windows 10.. Updated

.. and is running very well indeed. The process took a bit of starting, with a window reporting ‘working on it’. It wasn’t of course, and I had to reboot once or twice and eventually go to Windows Update to get the upgrade file, but after that, it sailed through, everything working as it should and as expected. This is in quite stark contrast to what I have seen in the forums. Having said that, there must be very many machines which upgraded to 10 much as Kylee’s machine did, none of which would be reported in the Microsoft Community … Continue reading The HP Elite M9500Y has been upgraded to Windows 10.. Updated

Signing in with a pin number.. Updated..

I can do it in Windows 8.1, and I thought that I could do it initially in Windows 10 previews, but no longer on the Netbook. Pin sign-ins are now only available in Windows 10 if you use a local account to sign in. I assume that this is because pin sign-ins are not too secure, and Microsoft has decided that automatic entry into everything on a computer is maybe not such a good thing. It is slightly unfortunate because I was going to set two users here on pins because neither like passwords, or remembering passwords. Oh well, maybe it’s … Continue reading Signing in with a pin number.. Updated..

Finally, an upgrade..

The Lenovo laptop has requested a date to start the upgrade, set for Friday by the owner/operator. I hope that it goes without some of the problems I have seen in the forums. The machine is kept clean and is not subject to constant system messing by the owner because I have strict rules about what can and can’t be done. Fingers crossed, eh.. 🙂

Backing up..

aka copying to another location such that each location contains the exact same data. This is the equivalent of avoiding having every egg in the same basket. You drop one basket but that is ok, because you have another with some eggs in. In the case of a computer backup, you will have all of your important stuff ready and waiting in a safe location to be copied back to your working directories on your C drive in the event a a major data loss scenario. Seem like a good plan to you? OK.. lets do it.. NOW.. 🙂 You … Continue reading Backing up..