Your own website..

Sounds good doesn’t it. I felt the same way a few years ago, and set about using Frontpage 2003 to create it. What I produced was a Frontpage 2003 website, not surprisingly, but among the cognoscenti, that is all it was. Frontpage websites have a ‘look’ about them. It was all I had, and being totally HTML ignorant, I made do with it. First mistake.. No real planning.. I have no idea how to plan something like this, not being anything close to a graphic designer or project manager. I fix stuff when it’s broke is all. So, I just … Continue reading Your own website..

My new Start menu..

.. is once again courtesy of Stardock, this time Start10. It cost me $6.95 Cdn, but it is easier to deal with than Classic Shell, and I don’t mind paying out for it. My computer is the ONLY one running a 3rd party start menu because none of the other users need the flexibility that I do on this machine. ‘Tosh in the corner’ is still running the Windows 10 menu even though I am the only user. This is because I have nothing personal against the Windows 10 start menu. It is far better than the Windows 8/8.1 variant, … Continue reading My new Start menu..

I never said..

.. that to get Windows 10, one needs to buy a new or newish computer which at the very least runs Windows 7. MICROSOFT set the base spec, NOT me. I just pass the information on.. If a computer user can’t afford a new or newish PC on which to install Microsoft’s latest and greatest, life is like that and the user has to stay with the older stuff. For the record, I can’t afford a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the ‘Country’ pack and leather seats, so I sit on cloth and don’t wander too far off of the highway. … Continue reading I never said..


If you are into home and auto DIY, you may well have painted surfaces at some time, or at least tried to make something look a little better but quickly.. 🙂 One thing you don’t need me to tell you is that whatever quality of paint you use, applying it to a poor surface NEVER works out well. Such is the world of computer operating system upgrades.. It doesn’t matter how good Windows 10 is. If you apply it to an underlying operating systems which has system file flaws (and many do), it will not work that well and may … Continue reading Expectations..

Progress? No, not progress..

Games.. Many iPad and tablet owners will never know what an Amiga 500 was, but they play games that look suspiciously similar to this most famous of old gaming platforms. The big difference with the Amiga is that it couldn’t do all that iPads can because the facilities like Netflix were not available.. The only progress here has been screen resolution and more ways to extract cash from users than Commodore could ever have realised was possible.. The Cloud.. It has been around for a long time but was not always called the ‘CLOUD’. The more knowledgeable Hotmail and Yahoo … Continue reading Progress? No, not progress..

Adobe Flash Player Update.. KB3087040

The latest version is giving grief via Windows update, and you get to see the 0x80004005 error for KB3087040. A reboot, which normally fixes 4005 errors will not work in this case, certainly not at the moment, BUT.. There is a downloadable version which fills the gap nicely, available here ..

Tablet Mode..

is a full screen Start mode which is very annoying if you have never used it before and it decides to set itself up as default while you are not looking. Ok, so you have the scourge called Tablet Mode and you want to see it OFF. It’s easy to tell if you have it. Windows which once resized and minimized no longer do.. 🙁 You need to go to the Notification icon at  top right, click on it, and navigate to these at the base of the window.. Can you see it? It is first in line and all … Continue reading Tablet Mode..

No need to re-install.. :-) Bad, Bad, Bad all fixed..

I made two discoveries today, one thanks to a Microsoft Engineer, and one all by myself.. #1.. Tablet mode can play some seriously unfunny tricks on a desktop, and if you don’t know how to turn it off, having never turned it ON in the first place, it is one of the most unfunny things I have ever come across.. #2.. The text problem in Protopage was easily solved by changing text size back to 11. I didn’t know that the text size could be changed and I have been using it for years.. So, it has been a day … Continue reading No need to re-install.. 🙂 Bad, Bad, Bad all fixed..

Getting worse.. :-)

It’s about time I re-installed, methinks. The desktop screen font changed and sent Protopage, my start pages, into spasm, and I still haven’t found the stuff that used to sit on the desktop. All I have to do is to save my pst folders and I am good to go, but will it fix all of the anomalies which appeared just two days ago? That I don’t know but it will have been a lot of work for nothing if it doesn’t..


Last night, I had a perfectly working normal desktop and Windows 10 Start screen. This morning, it defaults to the Windows 10 Start, my normal desktop applications will only open full screen and all of my desktop icons have gone. All I did last night was to put the system into hibernation. Could somebody please explain what could have gone wrong during the night, please? If it is Windows updates which made the changes, I will ready my Windows 8 installation media and to hell with being subjected to somebody else’s idea of how a desktop should be. My machine … Continue reading BAD, BAD, BAD..