I bought a keyboard..

on eBay.. a Logitech K800.. nice.

Unfortunately, the vendor did NOT state that the keyboards were ‘Brazilian’, and I assumed that the keyboard would be ‘US’ language’

I don’t want a Brazilian keyboard, and the vendor suggested that I send it back, but they could not send a US keyboard out because they didn’t have any. I was sent a printable, shipping paid label. Trouble is that I live in Canada and the label is only good for USPS, and it may cost me almost half what I paid for the keyboard.

The company also offered a rebate of 30% which I think I will take. It still leaves me with a keyboard which I really do not want, and I am not going to be able to sell it on too easily.

If I pursue getting a K800, it will eventually cost me the same or maybe even more than if I had gone to a local computer store in the first place.

There are times when buying on the Internet is like crossing a minefield, and right now, I am in the middle of one..

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