Windows 10 and the forums..

If you are not seeing me much in the Microsoft Community forums, that is by design.

It is difficult to go into a forum where so many seemingly have problems, many brought about because they insist on running junk, and tell them that it didn’t have to be that way.

When you are stuck with a computer which isn’t working for whatever reason, and you have no way back because backups couldn’t be that important, could they? .. being told by somebody like me  who has successfully upgraded every machine in the building, does not go down well.

Then there are those who don’t like the look of 10. What can you say? They want XP back, which tells me that was their first Windows computer despite claims of having been around computers since 1932. Anybody with experience of Windows 98 wouldn’t give two cents for XP or anything later.

The simple truth is that millions are running Windows 10 quite happily, me included, and everything is working.

I will pick out driver questions and similar for now, but pardon me for not getting into it on other issues. There are Microsoft Support Engineers employed to do that.. 🙂

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